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Persistent Flatworms


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I have a problem with flatworms in my 8 gallon nano. I have treated several times with Flatworm Exit (up to 200%) but they just seem to always creep back in. I just got home from a week away from my tank and there are flatworms everywhere.


Some people have suggested I pick up a 6 line wrasse, and while I do love that fish I feel it is ethically dubious to keep it in such a small tank. Do you have any other suggestions on what I can do? Maybe many scheduled 2-300% flatworm exit treatments in succession?



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There are other options for fish if you're interested in going that route.


I actually just picked up a Springeri Damsel for this very reason. It's slow going but it's definitely making a dent.

I was also considering a pink streaked wrasse or a possum wrasse but the damsel was readily available so I grabbed it.

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I would get something to eat the worms. Then treat, thus killing off a ton of them and allow the fish to finish them off. Otherwise the fish will never keep up as the replicate so quickly. Besides, FE will get into the crack and crevices that the fish/Nudi can't GL!

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