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Am I a Storm Controller Killer?


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I finally got around to try and setup my Storm Controller and new driver for my NB today. So, I screwed the wires into the driver and then popped the other end onto the Storm. I was too sure which pins to attach to, so I started on the right side. The screen now looks like this....




Hmmmm, so did I kill it? Any suggestions?

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Used the PS that was supplied. Also, this didnt happen when the power was plugged in, but when I attached the wires from the driver to the controller.

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Mmmmmhmmm. Not sure whats going on. Kinda figuring it is fried, but really hope not. Tried hitting the reset button, but that didn't supply the miracle I was looking for.

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Probably a dumb question but did you email Dave yet?


On a side note.. that is odd. Based on my limited experience with small boards like that, detach the wires, plug in PS, see if that works or if you get the same thing.

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