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Problem attaching the magnets on Tunze ATO


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I really searched the whole forum for an answer to my problem before I posted this but I could not find anyone else with this problem.


I'm trying to mount the Tunze 3155 ATO and here is my problem.

The sensor magnets will not grip in the center of the round discs. They seem to repel each other when I attempt to center them together. It's really weird, the only way they will attract each other is if I position them along the edges of each other and that does not seem too secure. Same issue with both mounts that came with the unit. I tried switching them around and nothing seems to work.


Has anyone else had this issue or have any idea what may be happening. I need help.

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Weird? Every magnetized piece of equipment I have works the same. They either repel, or stick together and rip flesh from your fingers.


I own the same unit and have no issues.

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Science time!!!

Because Science that's why!


Magnets generate fields of energy in which from in the same direction throughout the material from a two dimensional standpoint.


We call the point in which the energy is drawn into the material the south pole which is the negative end and the point at which the energy reaches the end of the material the north pole which is positive. The north pole is optimistic and likes to share it's magnetic energy while the south pole is a great big old introvert and likes to take it in.


If you attempt to put two magnets next to each other that are making an identically charged field (+/+ or -/-) then the two fields will repel each other because the negatives are too busy hoarding all their magnetic energy and the positives keep throwing each other energy.


If the fields are going in the opposite direction however (+/-) then the magnets will bond and their magnetic fields will sorta kinda but not really truly combine as they are intensely attracted to each other. Don't count on any cool magnetic babies or anything though, this is strictly a platonic relationship.


So the problem is clearly somewhere in there some magnets are facing the wrong way.


The bonding when setting them around the edges comes from the barely attaching at that periphery of their magnetic fields but it's not likely to be a very strong bond. Try flipping one upside down (Preferably with something to protect it from damaging the tank) and see what happens.

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Assuming it's not a defective magnet, just twist it 90 or 180 degrees, it should work. It happened to me as well.

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