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Anemone hosting questions


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I will be moving my clowns from my 8g to my 15g soon as they are starting to grow and one is becoming the female. I would either like to get them an anemone or a coral to host.


First i do know their is no guarantee that will host an anemone or a coral and might just host one of my powerheads, heater, magfloat, etc but i would like to offer them more choices thus hoping they will pick one.


Next is my concern on getting an anemone for the size of my tank, is there one that will fit/be happy in this small of a tank & host a pair of clowns? If so which kind?


Last is some coral types that a clown will host, i have heard/read of many but would like some higher chance types vs "mine hosted" as we all know they will host everything. I do have a small frogspawn about half way down my tank, i also have a small torch at the bottom as well as a tiny devils hand, toadstool & xenia close to the bottom that some have said have worked.


Sorry if i seem sceptical in the ones that i have but in their current home i have most of these corals and they like the corners, powerheads, none of my corals.

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From my experience, it took about a month for my original clown to host the anemone. The other day when I bought a new clown, it hosted immediately... maybe it has something to do with the other clown already hosting it, but it sure took to it immediately. Surprisingly, my original clown is not acting so territorial to the nem as she has in the past with my old true perc...

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I just got a rose bubble tip and my original clown started hosting it yesterday. I've had it 5 days. If you get it somewhere its happy with light and movement just try to find that spot near where your clowns already hangout

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