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how much rock for a wall


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im planning on building a live rock wall for my 20L, only im not sure how much rock id need, im planning on using as little foam as possible, but ill being using gorilla glue, and ill use foam to sure up the bond, any suggestions for how much rock i could use?

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Why use any foam or overly worry about how much rock you will need?


What I mean by that is...I did something similar with a 10 gallon tank using some dry base rock and Type II (irrc) Portland cement mixed with crushed oyster shells to build a back wall in a Zoanthid/Ricordia tank I had set up about 5 years back. I set it up after leaching all of the lime out of it, added some "real" live rock so seed it with coralline algae and let the system cycle and marinate for 6 months under actinc only lights and then started adding my polyps on the rock work and the "rock wall" as deemed appropriate. I RTVed the rock wall in place before setting up and filling with water to cycle. It looked pretty striking, was very functional and a nice way to add a lot of pounds of live rock to a system and still left tons of room and mounting options for my polyps. Just a thought...

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i modified my build plan after i posted this, so pretty much i have 30 pound of dry rock coming, so ill have about 15 pounds to work with and ill be using jb water weld for most of the rock to rock hold and loctite marine epoxy for the rock to eggcrate, plus i can allways buy more dry rock to make the wall,

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