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DIY Stand question


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So I am putting the finishing touches on the stand this week and notice that the bottom of the Deep Blue Reef Edge doesn't sit flush to the top of the stand. Apparently the ply wood is bowed a bit in the center so the left and right edge doesn't site flush.


What are my options since the rimless tank has a bottom fram.


Will the ply wood level out under the pressure of the tank and do you think potentially the tank might fail due to this issue?


Depending on the answers I might just have to get the belt sander out. The bow in the plywood is in the middle of the stand so I am concerned with stress.

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So are you saying that the base of the stand isn't flat, such that there are gaps between the bottom of the tank and the top of the stand? If so, you will want to correct that.

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Yes that is what I am saying and will be correcting it today.


Think I am just going to let the belt sander do the job.

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Augh now there is only one issue after a 2 hour sanding effort. The back right corner has a 1/8 inch gap when the tank is full of water.


Can I use shims to fix it? And is foam out of the question?

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