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TrueLumen LED Strips - nonPRO


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Hi nanoreefers,


I have a Nanocube 6G and I wanted to upgrade the stock 1 50/50 PC lamp with these TrueLumen LED Strips.


I was thinking to go with 3 strips but I m not sure if it produces enough light to keep zoas and lps. I dont really plan to keep any SPS, but if I could, that would be great.





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Quite honestly, I consider these to be glorified moonlights. While an NC6 is quite small, it's fairly deep, and these won't cut it.


Truelumen Pro's/Stunners would be better, but Panorama Pro's would be ideal if you wanted to retrofit the hood with LEDs. There are other options too based on budget and features.

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DIY retrofit. Your options are limited if you want to keep the hood and can't fit a 12" long fixture.

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