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6-8 gallon AIO Nano with hood


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I'm looking for a 6-8 gallon nano tank to sit on my desk. I was strongly considering a Nano Cube LED, but I've heard from many people that the LEDs aren't very good. I've also considered an open top tank with a light, but I worry that the light will be too bright and that the tank may be distracting. Are there any AIO tanks, similar to the Nano Cube, that have a hood that would be a good option for what I'm looking for?

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The only 6-8g hooded nano with LED lighting sufficient to grow anything that I know of is the JBJ nano cube. The LEDs aren't top of the line, but are definitely good enough to grow ricordias/zoas/softies, and maybe an lps if it is high enough in the tank. You wont be able to grow any of the demanding corals, but you have to ask yourself, if it is a desk tank for work, do you really want to grow anything demanding? An open top nano is an option, I guess, but you will always be topping it off with RO/distilled water, and what happens on the weekends or when you are on vacation?


My advice for a work tank would be to keep it simple and low maintenance...save the demanding stuff for home :)


And just because it is simple doesn't mean it is unattractive...do some looking around and check out some photos of ricordias and zoanthids and you'll see that simple can be stunning if done properly. :D

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