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5.2 install documentation and ideas

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OK, I have put together a pdf of the parts I used and the steps I followed to install a Lumia 5.2 on a 12" MakersLED sled. I think they are pretty straight forward but if you have questions, fire away.




Right now I have a single Lumia that I am experimenting with. But my intention is to supplement the Lumia with another Lumia or seperate starts in this configuration:




In the diagram, the squars represent the 3 sections of my 150G tank, each is 24 wide by 18 long. The tank is 28 deep. What/which route would you go?


PS before you ask for pictures of the tank, I will post those after I find a decent camera that can do the colors justice.

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looks great. If I ever do a DIY led system I will have to use this, Very helpful, great choice to attach pictures pf the products with it also.

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