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Compact III

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First time owning an RODI unit. I would like to clarify how this would work before I purchase from you. I live in an apartment and cannot tamper with the faucet. With the Compact III in mind:

  • I assume that I can hook this directly up to the sink just by screwing on the adapter, is that correct?
  • If run from my sink, does it work that the waste water just goes down the drain and that I direct the filtered water into a separate container?
  • How does switching from RODI to RO work? Is it really as simple as twisting a knob?
  • What if I want to run plain sink water for washing dishes? Would I then need to remove the whole RODI assembly from the sink?
  • How will I know when it is time to replace filters?

Thanks for clarifying!

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Yes, using a faucet adapter you can connect directly to your water spigot.


Yes, if running from your sink, you'd put the waste water tube in the sink and have the filtered water into a separate container.


Yes, simple as turning a knob for RODI to RO water.


I would recommend removing the faucet adapter and machine to do dishes. Simply because the faucet adapter doesn't put out a lot of water to fill a sink quickly like your regular faucet would.


Filters are recommended to be replaced annually. If you notice a slow down in production or no water flowing through a canister/filter, it is time to replace the pre-filters. To calculate DI replacement is based upon your TDS of your tap water. There is an example on our website.


Let me know if you have any further questions.




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