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Maxijet 1200 mod


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I got a seaclone skimmer for free, and as anyone who's gotten one has found out, they... need some tlc.


So my question is, would it be worth doing a mesh mod to the pump? Or would time and effort be better spent just getting a better pump. I've heard that the mj1200 isn't powerful enough for this skimmer, but is that simply because the stock pump can't get enough air to make enough boubles? Or is it more a matter of flow rate?

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Probably both. Outside of doing the mesh mod, you need a good volute to draw the air in, and those options are severely limited for MJ pumps. You would probably be better getting a pump that is already set up for skimmer duty.

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i dont have the seaclone. one mod i would do to the maxijet is to glue the impeller to the impeller shaft. quits it down a ton. For what its worth on a bakpak the acella pump is way better than the maxijet

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