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Tiger Cowrie diet [Corals included]


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Hey guys,


I just thought I'd share for others that may be thinking of getting a Tiger cowrie for their tank.

I got this guy locally here in thailand, he's about 1.5 inches in length and is quite a healthy specimen. I kinda rescued him because He was the last one left that was alive and the rest of his kind were all just empty shells that were about to be turned into astrology rings or some crap, so I bought him from a fortune telling shop since he was still alive.


After a week, he's now pretty healthy and active at night, he'd come out the rock work to graze.

Ever since I got him, I've been noticing that alot of my SPS corals have begun to STN and I didn't know the cause. Yesterday, one of my Favias also lost a head and I had no clue wtf was wrong either.

So today (I'm writing this at 2 in the morning) I set up a watch with a red flashlight.


Lo and behold, the prey becomes the predator, found him finishing off the Birdsnest that I had fragged (because I thought it somehow stn'd) now I only go a sliver left on 1 branch.


I have just moved him to the smaller 8gal

EDIT: now that I've stopped raging a bit, I think this guy might actually be a Arabian cowrie


what should I do with this dude?


Should I frag this coral? is it going to live?



Missing a head, but hopefully it'll recover


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Confirming that is a Cypraea arabica (Arabian Cowrie). I'm told they only eat algae but I think they are opportunistic and will eat anything that suits them. This guy must have a taste for polyps.

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