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Best Skimmers For 29g BioCube ?


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I have been a reef keeper for several years, but I'm setting up a 29g BioCube for my wife, next to her chair in the living room. I have removed the hood so I can use our ORPHEK pendant. (wonderful light)

I don't care for the ugly hand on the back skimmers, and the main display skimmers just take up needed room, but will like that better than the hang on the back. So, that wine's down a lot of skimmers, unless you guys can change my mind with some company's skimmer, because it's better for the corals,.... and us.


Reviews have different opinions about creating micro bubbles in the display and the intake weir being temperamental on the water height, so you need a ATO.


I'm looking at the Tunze Comline DOC 2004.


Is there any thread on the top ten or so,.... skimmers for nano's ?


Any comments good & bad about this one and any others will be appreciated.


Thank you,


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