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New Biocube 14


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Hey guys, just setup my biocube 14 on saturday January 30th. So far I have 20lbs of live sand and 8lbs of live rock with 10 more lbs on the way. Everthing is stock except for I removed the stock carbon filter cartridge and put filter floss on top of chamber 2 that I can change requlary. I plan on have 2 clown fish and low to medium light corals. I currently have the bioballs in chamber 2 but dont know if I should remove them for the future since I will have the live rock to filter. This is my second saltwater tank so I know a little but just wanted some extra tips or siggestions for this specific tank.

Test levels:

Ph: 8.0

Ammonia 0 ppm

Nitrite 0 ppm

Nitrate 0ppm

Salinity 1.024

Has the tank even start to cycle and if it has finished can I add fish already. Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.



Here is a pic of my tank.




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Remove the bio-balls. Like you say, the live rock is your tank's bio-filter.


Add the ten lbs of live rock that's on the way. Afterward, wait until ammonia is undetectable for a week straight before adding anything. I'd start with a cleanup crew, wait another week, and then add the fish.

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Just got my 10lbs of live rock from marcorocks.com and added them to my tank today. All my test levels are the same at zero. I got 2 red leg hermit crabs and 2 blue leg hermit crabs along with 2 snails. So far so good. Removed the bioballs and added the bacteria in a bottle again today. All I want in the tank is a pair of clown fish and low to medium light corals. Hopeefully I can add the clown fish in a week. Planning on doing a partial water change this week. I have just been adding flake food and noticed there are some spots in the tank where the flake food settles underneath the return into the tank. Thinking about getting a power head for the other side of the tank but dont want to much to stir up the sand bed. Any suggestions on another power head is it needed or will the crabs and snails take care of it?

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Keep watching the ammonia level, even dry rock can cause ammonia spikes. Normally you wouldn't add rock (that hasn't been previously cured separately) to a tank with livestock in it, or at the same time that you add livestock.

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