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DIY Led Pendant


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So Im thinking of making a kessil inspired pendent. I would be using these;

web_ocw2__85213.1366260467.185.140.jpg Ocean Coral White Optic​ Angl​e: 90° $6.88 $6.88 single__55431.1367207811.185.140.jpg Exotic Turquoise - 495nm Quant​ity i​n Pac​kage: 2 Pac​k $5.40 $5.40 single__94640.1367206248.185.140.jpg Exotic Deep Red - 660nm Quant​ity i​n Pac​kage: 2 Pac​k $4.48 $4.48 single__05005.1367207388.185.140.jpg Exotic Cool Blue - 475nm Quant​ity i​n Pac​kage: 2 Pac​k $4.50 $4.50 web_3upoptic_02__50476.1364086552.185.14 3UP - XT-E Optic - 40 Degrees $1.99 $1.99 LDD_5_Driver_Board__27095.1387940140.185 Coralux 5UP LDD driver board $13.25 $13.25 Storm_01__63591.1389886366.185.140.png Storm LED Controller Jumpe​rs: 12 pa​ck of​ jump​ers f​or St​orm a​nd St​ormX $71.43 $71.43 web_ldd_500h_02__76314.1366261222.185.14 Meanwell LDD-300H LED Driver $7.33 $29.32
Anything else that you would suggest?


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Your ocean coral white is actually composed of red,turquoise, and blue. So you wouldn't need the rest. Why not just do the lumia 5.2? Better light and much smaller.

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I could find anywhere that said how big it is, do you know cause if its fairly small thats the route ill go. I was actually thinking of going that route at first anyway.

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