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How does one put a pic for their profile?


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Hi, I struggle with the tech aspects of these forums. I've tried to put an avatar for my profile but even when I take the pic with the smallest resolution its too big. Any suggestions of what I'm doing wrong?

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What is the size of the picture you are trying to upload?


There used to be a limit here but with the new software looks like they suggest a pic at least 200pixels or larger which means it may resize it for you, or at least lets you crop to a specific area.



Edit: After trying to do another picture it doesn't look like it's working correctly. It lets you select a photo from your computer but there is no upload button anymore.


Edit Edit (lol) : Now it's working, when in the screen to change your profile pic press and hold shift then press the refresh button in your browser. When you select the photo it will automatically upload.


The max photo size is 100 kb. So Reduce the size of your picture so it is under 100 kb. My pic is 120x120 at 22 kb


You can't take a picture from your device and directly use it. You need to bring it on your computer and use a basic photo editor to reduce it's image size. I'm sure you have a free program on your computer that will do it or you can do it online.

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Thanks StevieT, I have an image shack account so I'll try that.

You can link the URL of the picture from image shack to here as well instead of an upload. But still may need to be under 100k

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If you are using a Windows based computer, just open the picture in Paint.(Paint is built into Windows) Use the resize option to get the picture just under 100kb. Then you can upload it as your avatar.

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