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Frustrated BC29 owner!


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Ok... so I still love the hobby to death! I just for the freaking life of me cannot figure out whats going on with my tank. Nothing is growing, Its not dying either (except my last Anemone) Everything else I have has for over a year and they look weird compared to everybody's that I see. I have taken pictures... maybe you guys can help me figure this mystery out?


So as far as specs go.... I have a bc29 drilled with a sump below. I am using the Steves LEDS mod made for it. All my params are in check according to the red sea pro test kits.


CA - 620

KA 8.5

PH 8.01

SA - 1026

NO3 - 0

NO4 - 0

Phosphate - Undetectible

Temp 76-77

MAG - 1300

Using RO/DI with a TDS of 0.00

Using a good batch of Reef Crystals.


Hmmmm... oh... forgot to mention feeding. As far as that goes I don't really feed the reef. I feed the fish a very small amount of pellets daily. That would be 2 clowns and a 6 line.


So check this out. Here is the Frogspawn. notice how it doesn't have very long tentacles. And its very see thru. It doesn't get very big.




Here we have my New Anemone... It doesn't look to be doing too well. I cannot for the life of me to get him to open up.... yes I have a little bit of algae. I am taking care of this by doing twice a week water changes.




And here are the Hammers. Also small like the Frogs. Very short tentacles... not very fat like I see most others. Very slim. Color appears sort of bleached.




And the full tank shot :) Can anyone help? Any suggestions?




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Maybe switch your salt and bring down the salinity to 1.024-25, feed your corals-you can spot feed w/ tweezers or use a baster and puff Lil clouds at them.. Ca seems kinda high?

I'm not sure if any of this will solve the problem, just trying to help.

What you are doing w/ your tank routine is not satisfying you, so Why not switch it up. I'm using Red Sea coral pro and I see noticeable growth weekly- new polyps, monti extending higher, etc etc.

if your dosing anything-stop- and do more frequent w/c's. it might help? I can feel your frustration man! Hopefully some experts can chime in and help you w/ some advice.

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What do you test your SG with, and when was it last calibrated?


Do you have an auto top off?


Twice a week water changes might be stressing things out.

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frag collector

Not enough full spectrum? Intensity to high? Not sure about that light- but if others are running it try using thier settings if there running a cube w similar coral.


Is your coral growing/splitting?



Maybe your water params are TO clean???


(But If you have algea youve got something that is in excess feeding it---makes me thingk your testing numbers could be off) also have you tried a macro algea to outcompete the bad stuff and maybe bulking up your cuc? Just saying tgat outloud)


Idk im shooting in the dark without knowing your testing methods are accurate.


maybe try feeding the reef too??


are you dosing anything?



like stated previously, maybe your just changing the water to much?

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Just for the record I run Steves lights also on a bc29. My best growth and overall health of the corals has been around 50% I have an alc module on my rke that I run 12 hours at varying intensity during the day from 30% to 85% BUT the dimmers on the top at about 60% so it ends up around 50% during the day. I was running them much brighter and things grew slow and even a few whited out.

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Whats up with your calcium? is that a type-o? Maybe try and feed a little more. People are under the impression that nitrate and phosphate are suposed to be 0, but thats not true. Its good to have a little nutrients in your system....not a lot, but a tiny bit, expecially since you have a clam. Other than your calcium being high, try a different salt mixture, like the Red Sea Coral Pro..... I've been using it and have had great results for over a year.


Also, I did notice you have some softies in there, are you running any carbon? There could be a little chemical warfare going on?


I'm no expert, just trying to throw you a few ideas.

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Thanks Dramad! I appreciate the help :) I use a BRS refractometer and calibrated it last week. I run the lights approx 10 hours a day. I was running them about 80% because I was used to going off of brightness... ha... yes mistake on my part. However I been running them both Blue and White at 40% each. No color has come back. :(


Wow. I am amazed by the quick support and the the Care you guys show :) How do those corals look to you guys anyways?

Nope.. that truly is the calcium level. I can't seem to lower it. I have heard its not too bad that high... but Im no expert either. I used to run carbon... but nothing seemed to even change. hmmmm....

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I would honestly try a new salt. Having calcium that high, could be having an effect on the way/rate its absorbed, and could be the cause for such slow growth rate? Other than that, I've got nothing?? Like I said, I'm no expert......I wish I could help you more

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I've noticed that my LPS/softies explode when I feed them 2-3 times a week and the growth stalls out when I stop feeding the corals.

Try something like reef roads for SPS/softies and just feeding emery foods to LPS.

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