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Ok, My 6 gal tank has been cycling for just over two weeks now and as of day 10, I had no ammonia spike yet.

On the advice of members, I put a tsp of thawed blood worms in a filter bag and into the tank and got an ammonia spike after 2 days. I took the bag out and the next day the ammonia and nitrite were gone.


I waited till today and tested again and no ammonia was present but the Nitrate was 5.0.


I have 6lbs of live rock and Arag-alive sand along with a AQ50 fuge mod.


Id sure like opinions on what's next. Some say to wait till after week three and add a CUC, while others say to add a fish 1st to promote another (higher) ammonia spike to make sure the tank is really cycled


What is everyone's opinion on how I should proceed?





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There is no set time table on how long a cycle can take. If your rock came straight out of a mature running tank and had little to no transit time then you might not see one at all. If you used dry or base rock it could take a month or more. Best thing to do is keep monitoring it for a few days, add food, or if you can, straight ammonia, and see how long it takes to be processed. Don't go adding a fish yet, you could be throwing it in a gas chamber.

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