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my 28g jbj nano cube


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Hi just started building my jbj nano tank. I had asuccessfully own a 12g jbj cube. So now a new one. I've been lagging on my new one. So here we go.



28g jbj quad c.f. with stand $200

V ortech mp10 $220

20lb live pink Fiji. $20

Catfight pimples skimmer. $80

25lb live rock $50

Evergrow d120 led. $140

Heater. $20

maxijet 1200gph $25

Chemipure elite. $ 25

Purigen. $12

Tank has been up for 3 1/2 weeks with weekly 5 gallon water change no issues level are all good. Cadlight skimmer foes not fit I had to modification to the tank. Now I'm ordering a aquamaxx hob1.

Just got a clam and hammer coral.

clam blue maxima 10" $70

Hammer coral 4 head $40




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Hi--as far as the cadlights "Pimples" pipeless skimmer is concerned, have you checked the fit? I have the same sized tank and have read that it won't fit in the back chambers....

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