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Tunze 9004 Skimmer Problem


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I have a Tunze 9004 skimmer that seems to wok great, once it actually begins producing bubbles/foam....


The problem is that once the skimmer is turned off (for a water change or feeding time), it will not start making bubble again unless I blow through the breather hole on the little plastic "bubble counter", then it just magically starts working like a champ...


I have even let it sit powered on over night (not producing foam) and it just makes a little bit of an annoying clicking noise (kind of like an old hard drive in an old computer) and will never begin foaming up unless I give it that "kick start".


I have taken the whole thing apart twice and made sure it was all assembled correctly (some people complain that the air hose or motor gets jarred loose during shipping). I am kind of at a loss on this one and having to give my skimmer a kiss every day is really annoying... :angry:


The skimmer has been in the tank for 2 months, but probably only been on running for a little over 2 weeks...

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Have you cleaned that hole or tubing? Salt may have gotten inside and dried.


Yeah I just double checked... It is squeaky clean...

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Roger at Tunze called me back today and told me they have had a similar issue on about 10 of the 9004 skimmers (just my luck :().


Something along the lines of there not being enough clearance on the impeller shaft to allow it to spin up to speed to properly engage.


Anyway, he said he would put a replacement in the mail on Monday. I am glad to finally have this issue resolved.


Thanks Stevie...

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I had a similar "manufacturing issue" on a Tunze 9002 a few years back, and Roger was fantastic in getting me a missing part...

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I got my new "drive unit" yesterday and installed it and it solved my problem. I am glad that is fixed... no more kick-starting my skimmer :D


Roger @ Tunze knew exactly what the problem was and got the part out to me in less than a week with no hassle... I am a fan :)

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