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led fixture ?


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Change your title to something more descriptive and you might get more bites. I personally haven't used this particular fixture, so I can't comment directly on it.


But, the Reefbreeders Value fixture is very similar, and I feel it has a better LED arrangement. The use of neutral whites over the 6500K and 14K whites in the DM-155E makes the Value fixture a better option in my mind.

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can you tell me what the difference between the use of neutral whites and 6500k and 14k is? is it for growth or looks? and how does it change the look of the tank?

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neutral whites or whites in the lower kelvin rating have better spectral output for corals. although you cannot see it there is a significant amount of red and green within the white spectrum. high kelvin whites offer very little benefit to your corals and are more for your viewing pleasure. light fixtures that use warm or neutral whites often dont need to use red or green where as fixtures that use cool whites have to include red and green to fill in the spectral gaps. cool whites can also contribute to the windex look that some people complain about. the warmer whites will help bring out colors in corals that would otherwise be washed out by high kelvin whites.

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