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Wet Dry or HOB Refugium


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I just picked up a 30 gal tank, stand and T5 lighting kit for $70 :D , now i need to figure out what type of filter (best bang for my buck). Would a hob refugium suffice? I have someone selling a nice sized wet dry w/ protein skimmer, overflow and little giant pump for $240. I feel like that might be overkill. Any input would be appreciated.

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No, no to canister



You could:


$20 for 20g tank at petco

$60 for overflow

$10 additional glass for buffers

$60 for used skimmer

$40 for return pump



Used hob refugium $70

Used hob skimmer that will fit in that refugium or as a stand alone unit $60



Aquaclear 110 with media basket + refuge ($90-130)

And skimmer of your choice


These are just some ideas but it comes down to your budget and what you plan on stocking your tank with.


Less livestock = less need for massive bio load removal


Keep your livestock light and it will reward you with healthy tank and less aggravation

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Does anyone do wet dry filters anymore?

I thought they all got turned into refugiums.

Live rock is the best filter money can buy.

Skimmers are the only filters that actually takes stuff out of your tank.

I like Maniu's first option. But get the biggest skimmer that will fit, that you can afford. And then you can fill your tank how you like.

Consistent, disciplined water changes also takes stuff out of the water and nothing beats that!
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