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red cigar wrasse


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Any know about this fish? I can not find any exact information about it, some people said not reef save some people said it does.I just want to know that this fish is reef safe or not? Now I keep it in the sump if it reef save i'll move it to the display tank.

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I'm gonna say no..just from reading that article, they get large and eat a lot of things.


i already read this article also but now i keep it with hermit crap and fairy wrasse in the sump, still doing fine but really want someone who ever have this one to confirm, cos his color is stunning so it's hard for me to trade him out without strong confirmation.

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I've had this fish for several weeks now In my 187 gal mixed reef. He's been fine in my tank except for the occasional frag flipping he does searching for pods. Eats omega one pellets, formula 1 & 2 pellets, and a variety of frozen foods. My favorite wrasse in the tank.

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