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Sand sifters/cleaners?


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In having a hard time vaccuming my sand, and I have a 9 gal nano cube


What's some good sand sifters/cleaners? Really good cleaners?

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thanks. I have several Narsarius snails of different sizes. They don't seem to move much and I can see the sand is still dirty.

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Is it just me or is it hand to find a nassarius under 1" nowadays? I have a 2G Fluval and really cannot accommodate one the size of a walnut!

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Evanski I got a bunch of tiny ones from Reefcleaners. Try them?


I do t have a lot of room to siphon.


Thanks for the info...but I need a grand total of ONE! Shipping would make it one expensive gastropod!


I have been to about 6 local LFS and came up empty.

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Yeah...but I will probably just nab one when I see it at the LFS. I did get a dwarf cerinth who went nose down into the sand and haven't seen him since. I have this fantasy that he is just churning the entire sand bed all by himself!

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Don't get a sand sifting star, those tend to die off rather quickly and they also eat all the beneficial little bugs in your sanded, the bugs that do the cleaning and breakdown.

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snails don't do jack.


I'd recommend a sand sifting goby. I loved mine... until it decided to jump.


I've also heard good things about sand sifting cuc's

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