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Anyone running an Auto Aqua Smart in a JBJ 28?


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I have one that I installed this week on a JBJ RL30. I believe your filtration setup is a little different than mine though... For the RL 30, the water overflows from the tank into media sections on both sides, and those sections flow into a center section where both return pumps are. I have the Autoaqua sensor in that center section with the return pumps. I believe the 28 is opposite mine, with all the water flowing from the tank into the center section which then flows out to the 2 outside chambers that each have a return pump, right? If so, you will want to put the sensor in one on the outer sections where a return pump is. It needs to go through clear glass, so if your tank has black vinyl on the back like mine, you need to remove a small piece of it for the sensor to shine through.


Here is the review I wrote for it: http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/337528-autoaqua-smart-ato/

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