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Innovative Marine Nano 8...I'm Back in the hobby!


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I have been away from the hobby and forum for the past few years, but decided to return last year with the Innovative Marine Nuvo aquarium Nano 8. After an attempt at keeping live rock, corals, fish, and inverts, I recently decided to change it over to a fish only aquarium (with a couple shrimp). While not a true nano reef, I want to keep it simple and keep what interests me the most...fish!


The first part of this week I tore down the old setup, fully cleaned the bare tank and started from scratch with the Nano 8. This is currently an experiment in the process and I will make any necessary changes in the event the tankmates do not get along long-term. While it is still very early to tell how things will turn out...so far so good.


I used a deep live sand substrate and decorations that simulate live rock and coral. Besided putting an extra piece of fossilized coral rock to the left of the pump for a bit more biological filtration and a piece of filter floss on top of the mechanical sponge, no other alterations have been made. I am also using Seachem Stability this week following the directions to the letter to hopefully prevent "new tank syndrome" and rapidly cycle the aquarium. It is now day 6 and everything seems to be doing great.


It currently houses:

2 cleaner shrimp


yellowtail damsel


A short video of the aquarium taken yesterday:


Also, I am fully aware that it can be hit or miss keeping the yellowtail damsels and other fish together. The clown is just as big or a tad larger than the damsel and they were added on the same day, so hopefully the peace will continue between these two. I am keeping a close eye on the situation and am prepared to separate them if necessary.


Thanks for looking

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I am looking at this same tank. How do you like the light that came with it? It only has off or on correct?

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I am looking at this same tank. How do you like the light that came with it? It only has off or on correct?


I like the light it came with for my purposes. You won't be able to keep corals that require very bright, intense light, but most with nano aquariums do not expect to keep those type of corals without a lighting upgrade anyway. The LED's give the water a nice shimmer effect and the 14K bulbs seems just right for a marine setup. It has 6 daylight bulbs and 4 moonlight bulbs. The lights do not have a hard on/off switch, but I use the Zilla Power Center and it is the perfect solution to create an ideal day/night cycle.


Here is a link with more information about the Zilla Power Center:


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