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Innovative Marine Nuvo 8 - *It's Alive!*

Obsessed Reefer

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Obsessed Reefer

Hello all,


Now finally being settled in my new condo, and with my Fusion 20 set up in the living room, I still want a tank in my bedroom, to help stay relaxed. So I busted this tank out, and ordered a few new items for it, and will be in the process of setting it up over the next few days.


Here's what I got so far:



- Innovative Marine 8 Gallon Nuvo w/ glass top

- 12" 14K Skkye Single LED Stripe (Ordered from Marine Depot)

- Maxi Jet 600 return pump

- 50W Heater

- Korallia Nano Powerhead

- Digital Thermometer

- inTank Media Basket


Filtration (Biological) :

- Live rock (same as previous setup)

- 8-10lbs Carib Sea Black Sand


Filtration (Mechanical/Chemical) :

- Filter pads

- PhosGuard

- Carbon

- RO/DI + Red Sea Coral Pro Salt



- Randall's Goby

- Pistol Shrimp


Stay Tuned!



Original Post 4.10.2013


So I've been out of the hobby for a little over a year now, and I still get the Live Aquaria Divers Den emails everyday, and the fish are just so damn cute I couldn't stay away forever! Now that I have a steady job, I'm starting up a new nano. I've done some searching with all of these new AIO nano's that have come out recently, and I had my eye on the Innovative Marine Nano system, and once I saw Dr's F&S had it on sale, I nabbed it with some other things. I have it just with tap water doing an extended leak test, because I'm painting my room by the end of the month, so I have no point in setting it up solid right now, because it'll have to be moved to paint. I just wanted to start documenting everything, and have some ideas bounced around when I think of them.



-Innovative Marine Nano 8G Black

-Innovative Marine 8W Skkye Light

-Maxi-Jet 400 (Replace Stock Pump)

-Koralia Nano 240

-Hydor 50w Heater

-JBJ 12g Stand (From an old tank)

-inTank Media Basket (Still in transit)

-Some type of controller, possibly a RKL



-1" Sand bed

-?? lbs live rock



-Undecided on fish


So that's where I'm at right now. I'll be stopping by my LFS to pick up the LR in a few days, and I'll be posting ideas that I have as I have them. Thanks for stopping by, and check back for some updates! :)









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Obsessed Reefer

inTank basket came in today, love the build quality of it. Emptied the tank today and moved it. Picked up the paint from home depot, want to get started asap so that I can start the cycle on the tank, hopefully in the next few days I'll at least paint the corner where the tank will be.

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Obsessed Reefer

Finally got it up and running. Need to get a little more live rock, but going to sit back and let the cycle kick in!



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Obsessed Reefer

Got another piece of rock, algae starting to build on the glass, sand, and rocks.



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Obsessed Reefer

Ordered the MaxSpect Nano Razor 16K. Everything's been testing good so far, might pick up a few snails towards the end of the week.

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Obsessed Reefer

NO2+NO3 are both 0. AKH is showing above 180. pH is a little low, about 7.4. What's the easiest way to bring it up? Just using a buffer? Also, salinity was a little low, so I'll have to add more salt to bring that up. Aside from that, everything seems to be going good.

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Obsessed Reefer

Got the Razor in yesterday, set it up today, Currently at 80% Blue 60% White. I love it, it's such good quality, and super thin. Gonna pick up some coral frags tomorrow and can't wait to get them in. The clowns have been doing well. I've been feeding Rod's Food, original blend, each day, as it's the only thing I have right now. Going to pick up some mysis too, as I want to feed the Rod's Food only a few times a week.











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Obsessed Reefer

I picked up a Randall's Goby and tiger shrimp. Acclimated well and once they hit the tank, they went and hid. Will be getting the light Tuesday.

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Obsessed Reefer

I got the Skkye Single Strip in today, I love it, except for one thing, there's No Switch! So you either need to plug in/un plug, or you're forced to buy a timer. Now for myself, I bought a timer anyway, but I feel that they could have easily added a switch someone on it.


I love the build quality, very sturdy, and not cheaply made, nice and minimalistic too. For the cost of it, I would definitely recommend it to someone.





Skkye1 by darth.slover, on Flickr



Skkye2 by darth.slover, on Flickr



Skkye3 by darth.slover, on Flickr



Skkye4 by darth.slover, on Flickr



Skkye5 by darth.slover, on Flickr



8gfts1 by darth.slover, on Flickr


15122265561_56896c4fb0_z.jpg8gfts2 by darth.slover, on Flickr


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Obsessed Reefer

So the shrimp ended up in my overflow somehow, sitting on top of the filter floss. Have zero clues as to how he got there, he looks to big to fit through the false wall.

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Following - I like seeing what other Nuvo 8 owners are doing..


Mine is a bedroom setup too. Probably gets more 'face time' than my larger tank

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Obsessed Reefer

So I really want to get one more fish, something a little more active. Suggestions? My lfs still has a small maroon clown, I'm just not sure how he would act towards the goby or shrimp.

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A small damsel is always an option. Tail spot blennies are fun and active. I think a maroon would end up being a bully, plus it would outgrow the tank quickly. I have a pair of domino clowns in mine and they are very active.

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