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Peace of Mind, Piece of the Ocean - 12g NC

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Hello everyone!


I decided to start a new thread on my 12g Nano Cube. My 'build' thread was very boring and I've decided to start fresh on the progress thread now that the tank is 3 months old. I'm taking things slowly, which is requiring great patience on my part - but it's what the budget can currently allow B)



  • 12g JBJ Nano Cube DX (L 15.8" x W 13.8" x H 14.8")
  • Modular Surface Skimmer
  • Stock pump, upgrade to Maxi-Jet 900 planned - tried the MJ900 and was too much flow for my softies.
  • Hydor Koralia Nano 240
  • Hydor Flo - Rotating water deflector (hasn't fallen off yet lol)
  • Eheim Jager 50w Submersible Heater


  • Stock lighting (2x24watt 50/50 Compact Flourescent), planning to upgrade with Steve's LED 12g Nano Cube retrofit kit
  • JBJ Nano-Glo refugium light for Chaeto in the 2nd Chamber Mini-refugium (reverse light cycle)



  • Firefish added 1/18/13
  • Plans to add Green-banded goby and/or Neon goby.
  • Three Spot Domino Damsel as of 3.24.31


  • Green Mushroom
  • 'Beautiful Pink Creeping' Xenia
  • Colored Trumpet
  • 'Nuclear Holocaust' Paly
  • Green Branching Hammer
  • Kenya Tree
  • Green Star Polyp
  • Pulsing Xenia
  • Yellow Parazoanthus

Clean-Up Crew (CUC)

  • Florida Cerith snails
  • Dwarf Cerith snails
  • Nerite snails
  • Nassarius snails
  • Astrea snails
  • Dwarf Yellow-tip Hermit crabs (need to get rid of these pains in the a$$) Finally got rid of em.
  • getting Scarlet/Skunk Cleaner shrimp in the near future

Current FTS (1/23/13)



Taken with my cell phone. I'm going to test out my GoPro on some underwater shots soon! :D


Looking for any input. I can't wait to upgrade my lighting so I can try my hand at SPS (on a limited and beginner basis). Any suggestions for livestock? Especially corals. I tend to favor the look of large polyp corals, I'm looking into maybe adding a Duncan or maybe Acans. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Tank is looking good, Duncans are really nice and so are acans. Get both haha

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Tank looks great! I also have a nc12. Are you planning on turning one of your chambers into a fuge in the back? I just modded mine that way and I think i'll be using your DIY media basket as a template for mine. The MJ900 is a great addition as well. I think it provides a good amount of flow in my tank.

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Happy Easter!


I have fully neglected updating for so long! I got pretty busy when I got a new job, but ironically enough I met someone at work who is a fellow reefer setting up a new tank and I got the tank itch again. I've been making a few changes over the past month. Down below is my current configuration for the back chambers in my 12g Nano Cube.




At first I thought that the Chemi-pure Elite was just a glorified combo of carbon and GFO, but I have to say it works well. I had a significant decrease in the lingering diatoms and the water looks significantly clearer. Other than that I just recently got a small Whisper air pump to add in some aeration in my tank, considering it has a closed lid and little chance for gas exchange. My next step is to get some macroalgae to increase the dissolved oxygen (I hope that it works, any insight is appreciated).


On another note: I encountered an odd problem that resulted in a Firefish not making it. I invested in a JBJ Nano-glo refugium light to grow some chaeto in the back middle chamber (as pictured in the diagram); however, only after getting a fish (and after some time to problem solve) did I realize that the magnet on the inside of my tank was probably leeching something in the water. At least this is my current theory - oddly enough everything else was thriving (inverts and corals). Well, I removed it from the equation and did a couple of water changes and decided to try out a hardy fish to 'test the waters'. I got a Three Spot Domino Damsel because he was the hardiest fish my LFS had. He's been doing great and has done well over the last week. He is too aggressive though, so I will be returning him to the LFS and going with a Firefish again (I love the coloration and how peaceful it is). I hope it all works out.


Here is my FTS as of March 25, 2013:





My new addition aside from the Firefish will be a Scarlet Skunk Cleaner. I love those guys and they are just so beneficial to the tank.


Also, I've been doing a fair amount of reading on photosynthetic gorgonians and I would really like to try out a Purple Brush Gorgonian or something similar to add some color, movement, and to try something new. Any tips or tricks for keeping gorgonians is greatly appreciated and if you have any suggestions on a particular gorg that does well in a nano setup feel free to tell me that too :lol:


I will probably only try the gorg after upgrading my light to LED. The description of my LED package will follow in the next post.


All in all, it feels great to be posting again on the forums after a few months of inactivity. I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend, and as always, happy tanking.

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