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Your thoughts on a Ceramic substrate kit


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Got a ceramic frag rock in and it blended with the rest of my tank rather quickly. Got me to thinking "why do they not make a 2 or 3 piece ceramic kit to cover the bottom of the name brand nanos?"


Would look like part of the reef when it purples up..


no more sandbed nitrate factory..


could even have holes for coral frags or plugs for the holes that are not used..


Any input on this idea???

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You mean like those reptile aquarium inserts that already come with the caves and water/food bowls already built in? All you would have to do it place it in the put live rock over it.


Hmm...something to think about. You could probably make a buck selling the idea to coralife or JBJ.




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This is something I'm looking to do to my new setup.


Currently the best idea I can come up with (to ensure there's no dead spots) is to silicone the bottom of the tank with a putty knife or trowel and just dump dead dry sand on top of the silicone push it in and dump out the rest, I'm hoping to do a test run with it today with just a piece of plexiglass and then soak it in a bucket for a few days

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