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Im currently using some "soft polyester" fabric from Wal-Mart in the first section of my sump. With is being as thick as it is, it's doing a good job filtering the water but am looking for something better. I was looking at getting 10-12 filter socks, 200 micron but even with them I'll be swapping them out every other day and washing them. Not really a big deal but just recenlty read somewhere that someone was using a sponge before the filter floss. They went on to say that it really does a great job at catching even the fine "dust" that they've seen floating around the tank and it's also super easy just to rinse out. If a sponge is something that can be used can someone point me in the right direction to which ones would do a great job? The ones I see at the store say on the back that they are not for aquarium use. Im' guessing because of the chemicals in them.

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IME i like filter socks better then sponge or filter pads

i only used them as secondery mechanical filtration

i thing you should how your sump is set up to better help you.

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I really want to give filter socks a try but looking at most websites including Marine Depot, I dont want to spend $8+ per sock. LOL So I was looking on Ebay and found these. Of course they all look the same but have read that most knock offs have been made out of thinner material and dont hold up to many washes. So LMK what you think of these.



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