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Biocube 14, 5 months in.


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Looks great. Are you using the stock lights?


Chris R.

No, it's a pro LED kit. I made the mistake on not asking if it would fit the new style hood, which it didn't. i bought the stand via CL locally and it came with the older style cube. (it was cheaper to buy the pair used than it was to buy the stand new). So I frankensteined the old hood to sit on the new cube. The hinges don't line up, but really doesn't bother me. It's small enough to simply remove and I can actually access the top for maintenance a lot more freely. It also allows me to set my tank closer to the wall with out the consideration of the gap for the hood to fully open.

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Any updates?

This reef has really taken off. It's been awhile since I've been on here with such a hectic schedule but i have found atleast an hour a night to sit and stare at the tank...lol. I've noticed a few spontaneous growths from the rock and it's exciting to search and find them. I'll post a few pics of it below...

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