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Coral Vue Hydros

Anyone know if perfecto 46 gal bow front is tempered?


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Wanting to drill my tank, but don't know if it's tempered. Does anyone know? I searched bing and google, but can't find anything.


Bottom if I remember but not sure about the back. What happened to the labels they used to put on the tanks?

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Thanks for the replies. I can assure you the back glass is not tempered. The bottom however is according to the sticker on the bottom glass. I just drilled the back last night and it went perfect.


Thanks again.

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That's how I felt. There are tests to figure it out with polarized sunglasses and a computer screen or phone. There are videos on youtube. I didn't test mine. I just gave it a shot and all went well.


Good luck.

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do you guys know if the aqueon 46 bowfronts are tempered? Just curious, i was going to drill it but didnt want to bust the whole thing.

It's pretty likely only the bottom is tempered. That's the panel that has to bare the most weight and it likely to get cracked by whats inside the tank. As others have said their is usually a sticker to signify if it is tempered or not!

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You can't always guess though. I have a basic 55 that is tempered all panes. Of course it has a label too. But I don't know any bows that are tempered. I could be wrong.

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