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Agressive yellow-tail damsel


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Ok so I have a beautiful skunk cleaner shrimp that I adore and my yellow-tail keeps bullying it! And my poor shrimp, which is bigger than the fish never even fights back. He only seems to go after the shrimp during feeding or when he thinks he'll be fed but still... My concern is that he'll injur my shrimp. Should I trade in the damsel for a less agressive species like a goby? Or should I ride it out and hope for the best?

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Any damsel is going to be aggressive no matter what you have in the tank. Maybe look into a green chromis but you need to go ahead and trade him in at your LFS before he kills your shrimp.

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Ok I think I will. I love my shrimp and although it still looks really healthy I don't wanna see anything happen to it down the road because of that stupid fish :-( I was thinking maybe a yellow clown goby or a dottyback fish would be less agressive but maybe I'll just stick with my feather dusters coral hermit crabs snails and my shrimp :-) or maybe I'll trade the fish in an get a seahorse or pipefish because I do have a fairly good set-up for one. Nothing agressive (other than that fish), lots of hiding places, a somewhat low water flow and great lighting and I already filter feed and feed mysis shrimp to some of the inhabitants :-) I don't know though. They are really fussy.

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