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Hey NR-Reefers,


So as some of us know Mr. Coral has been putting up a ton of pretty nice morphs of corals on ebay. The prices get pretty high, so that should mean that there are a lot of people bidding on them.


Has anyone on NR been winning these pieces? I haven't really heard of anyone showing off their purchases.


Note: This is not a Mr. Coral bashing thread or a Mr. Coral review thread either etc. Not interested in hearing about his quality reviews or quality of livestock.


I just want to know who's won any of the recent bids and if you did please post pics! Those rainbow palys look pretty cool.

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How did the frags look? Color?

I got 7 frags from him but they were not WYSIWYG but the were package very well and I guess UPS decided not to play football this time but they were all bleached out but now the color is coming back thanks to Prodibio Reef Booster.

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Thanks jneighbors, but were they from ebay? Where did all these cool corals go?!

He was running a special here on nano-reef. He had the same exact frags I got on Ebay though.

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I've looked at several of his auction updates, and with less than an hour to go, almost nothing had bids. People are either buying last minute, or a lot is going unsold.

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