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DIY HOB Refugium Add-on


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So I was looking for a way to add a HOB refugium to my tank without sacrificing all of the space in my HOB filter and I thought of this:




That's a back view and the container uses two bulkheads as supports, just like many of the existing HOB refugiums use. I made a quick parts/cost list as well:


Specimen Container $5

1/2" Bulkhead Fitting x 2 $5-8

1/2" PVC Pipe < $1

1/2" Elbows x 4 $4

Total = $15-18


Has anyone tried doing this before? It would work even if the pump was powered off and an aqualifter could be purchased for $10 if required. I know the flow rate probably wouldn't be too high, but it's a refugium so there isn't supposed to be much flow anyways. And if you really wanted to, you could block off the return from the HOB filter (or just obstruct it) to raise the water level and increase the flow through the refugium.


Any input/suggestions?

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