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LED driver upgrade.. need help


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Does any1 know where I can find a decent upgrade/replacement remote driver for the jbj 28g advanced led (89w). The driver is for the white daylights (25x3w)... id like to do as few mods as possible, plug n play would b ideal. Dimmer would b cool but not required... any links or direction would b awesome. Thanks



<UPDATE> ok so bill over at ReefLEDLights (nice guy, didnt have what i needed yet still told me what to get/plus replied to my email quick) B)





Will this work as suitable replacement? all the specs match Vdc 24 and 5a 120w which is identical to the placard on the stock driver,, 1. is this ok to use. 2. how is it connected are those two output wires +/- and just need adapter to the one from hood. 3. how is the dimmer controlled? do i need a controller or is there some type of dial/ or something i have to use?? please help if u know the skinny on the advanced JBJ LED cube (28g LED advanced nano cube jbj) thanks



>caveat; the online store its at isn't necessarily where i plan to purchase they just have pics n specs<

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