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Stocking ideas for a 29g reef?


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Hello everyone!I'm new to nano reef and its an amazing source of info, so im planning my 29g reef aquarium build and need some stocking ideas. in my 10g mixed reef i currently have some hermits,some snails, and a peppermint shrimp, and various soft corals and lps. So yeah, I already have sort of a plan on the stocking of the 29, but i would like some ideas and opinions, so heres what im thinking, 1 bicolor blenny, 1 Royal gramma, and 1 pink spotted watchman goby. Let me know how that sounds and please give me any suggestions or advice. thank you so much for any replies and i look forward to being a part of this website!

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Hi, fishmistro107.


I really like your idea for the pink spotted watchman goby. They are beatiful. Have you added that one? I would really love to see pictures of your livestock and tank set up.


A belated welcome to NR! :welcome:

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If your clowns end up anything like mine, the spawn of satan, don't get them! They knock over any coral they feel encroaches too close to their host coral. For me, it's anything at any time. Glue, epoxy, they still knock it over!


PS mine are probably an exception, most clownfish aren't satans baby fish

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It sounds like you might almost have the same stocking as my 29g


I have 2 Oscellaris clowns, bi-color blenny, yellow watchman goby and a cryptic sixline wrasse. All are doing great together. Just make sure to add the most agressive ones last. In that list it would be the clowns and gramma.


I was going to get the royal gramma instead of the bi-color but decided not to since they can get nasty. Never heard a of a pink spotted watchman. Sounds really nice though

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