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Cultivated Reef

2.5 Pico


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Well moved back to college, and i missed my aquarium at home so much that i set up one here :D. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for coral and fish. Also i was wondering what to do to light it up. I brought a coralife 50/50 bulb...but that's just to dim.

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The 50/50 should be fine. Just construct a reflector our of some tinfoil, or mylar if you have it, and line the lamp you have it in.

As for fish. only a really small goby at most. A few sexy shrimp or even a mantis shrimp should work.

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Par bulbs are one of the more popular options for pico tanks because they've got more than enough power and are convenient. For coral, you should try to stay away from lps with long sweeper tentacles and just aggressive species in general. For fish, I wouldn't put anything in besides maybe a goby or damsel.

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Par30 with a desk lamp with the shroud removed so the light can breathe. I got one on an 8 gallon and its awesome. LPS and SPS capable I bet. No fish. Coral and shrimp. You won't regret it. I have a tiny fish in my tank, but he gets no attention. The coral is where its at.

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Haha, the bulb i got was apparently defective, and burnt out like in 2 days. I did look at a PAR bulb, and that was definitely out of my budget. But i decided to do a DIY LED build. The total build is about 30 bucks. Its going to about 3 white and 2 blue. Which i found out should actually be reversed ( 3 blue and 2 white). BUTT i already ordered the LED's and everything so i guess im stuck with that. I probably will just order more blue in the future and add on.


I think the live rock in my tank finally finished cycling, and i got this nice brown algae growing everywhere -_-.

I think im probably gonna lose more more coral...it starting to bleach out, but all the other ones like fine. I also ended up ordering a new HOB filter to make a mini-refugium out of. Im also going planning on investing in a either a audrino board or a Pi Computer and turn that into controller with a custom pH meter (5-10 bucks) and a digital thermometer and light controller thingy.


The sand that i ordered got shipped to my house. BUTTT my friend is coming down sunday so he said he can bring it with them. As for fish i think i mite just get a goby for the sake of having a fish. I actually really wanted a flaming prawn goby, but at 99 dollars for a 1/2 fish....But i definitely gonna get some sexy shrimp. The only issue with ordering live stock is its sooo gonna blow my bugettt xD aHAAHAH

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