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Zoas eating Nudibranch


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So how to I get rid of these buggers? A while ago I posted pics of one that wasn't anywhere near my zoas. Then a week later I found another one. Now it seams like every other week my zoas don't open fully. After a quick dip, they are back to normal. So today I have one that hasn't opened much in a week. Close inspection and I find this little dark nudis (nothing like the before mentioned ones). I pulled 2 of them off. So now everyones back getting (probably a 3rd or 4th dip). Of course I found another one or 2 in the dip.


So how do I get rid of these buggers for good? Just keep dipping? It's a pain as everything gets glued down. Eggs on my live rock? I don't see any.


Everything has had a dip prior to going in my display. Ok so let me continue my rant. One of my early corals - a torch was perfectly clean when I bought it. A few weeks in and this algae starting growing from one of the heads. It didn't show up right away. I scraped it off. A few weeks later and it came back. I have it the good old peroxide (my first experience with peroxide) so I was trying to be careful not to damage the head. Well wouldn't you know it came back. It appears that it is groing through the stony part of the coral. I think I've identified it as bryopsis as it looks almost like a fern and I don't even want to mess with that stuff. So I'm about to peroxide it again. If it comes back I think I will resort to cutting off the entire stony part and sticking with just one head (fed heavily to grow out of course). Thoughts?


So moving forward, I can't take these headaches anymore. I know my wife would take exception to another tank but I don't think I have much of a choice. So my question is what lighting do you guys use on your QT tanks? I have a 5.5g that I'd like to setup and use as a QT tank in my basement (which gets 40 degrees F in the winter so It would need a good heater) I'd like to be able to put a coral in there for a week or two for observation and have it open up nicely. That way I can monitor it and not have to worry about it suffering due to poor light. I'd rather not spend an arm and a leg on a QT light.


So continuing my rant, I have some red malcro groing from a mushroom rock I purchased awhile back and I have similar growing from a piece of live rock. I've been monitoring these as they are very slow gowing. I'm going to hit them with some peroxide as well today.


</rant> So to sumarize, QT lighting? Filtration for keeping it setup at all times? AC50 with floss & carbon? How often would I need to change the water keeping it setup? Weekly using water from my dislay that came out during water change? - Will be primary for coral but I could use it for fish as needed. I guess the real reason I never bothered with a QT is the lighting issue. Now that I'm stocked pretty heavily with coral I need to stop taking chances. Remember my last setup I lost the battle of hair algae.



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I've been checking out a lot of sites and I haven't been able to find a light for $30-$50 for a 5.5g QT. I would at least like something to keep coral happy for a week to a month. So is this a Rapid LED job? I was thinking a nano driver that goes to 700ma dimmable and a combination of royal blue, violet, and cool / neutral white. How many of each? I don't want to cook them. LOL perhaps this would be my trial for my DT LED setup.

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The nudi's lay their eggs around the base of the zoa polyps. They are very small and for the most part are not affected by dipping. You need to continue dipping on a schedule because you need to kill them each time they hatch. Here is a little info from a companthat makes a good dip product:




Good luck.


As usual, a few hours after the dip with Revive the main affect zoa oppened right up. I didn't see any eggs but I may be just mssing them. I appreciate the info and the link. They look just like in the picture. I wasn't aware that eggs were unaffected by the dip and that I needed to continue dipping. This is probably my issue. WOW, 3 month QT?

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sigh... :(


The main colony that refused to open was fully opened when I got home this morning (15 minutes after the light turned on). And then my smile turned upside down when I picked off a tiny nudi from another frag.

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