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Dimmers; Potentiometer leading/trailing edge


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What's the diffrence between a leading or trailing edge dimmer and a Potentiometer?

I can't find an led driver that says its compatable with a Potentiometer.



I'm setting up a lighting system with 3 cree nw leds and 6 cree Rb LEDs all at 3w and what to use http://www.ledgroupbuy.com/makersled-dimming-bar/ to control them. Does anyone know of a 18w and a 9w driver that will work with it? Preferably one availible in the uk?


Many thanks


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Sorry I don't know the particulars of a potentiometer, but my suggestion would be to just get 2 of the 25w inventronics drivers along with your dimmer kit from ledgroupbuy... With those drivers you don't need anything else to hook them up to a potentiometer. It's really simple. Though you may have to add 1 more NW led to be in the voltage requirement range. Since it'll be on it's own dimmer that should work though...

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A potentiometer is used in a trailing/leading edge dimmer, but they are not the same. A potentimeter can be considered a variable resistor or voltage divider. A leading/trailing edge dimmer uses a triac to chop either the leading edge or trailing edge of an AC waveform to dim AC loads, like incandescent light bulbs. The MakersLED dim bar is just a potentiometer. They can be used with a 9v power source and Meanwell ELN drivers, or they can be used by themselves on drivers like the Inventronics units that have a built in reference voltage.

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