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Does my fish need to be light acclimated?


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Hello all, my apologies if my question is in the wrong category but just today I installed my new upgraded tank light. I went from 2-20w 50/50 CFL to a par38 full spectrum bulb (from reef breeders) that I have hanging 13in from surface, on my 10g standard tank. Right now I only have CUC and a purple firefish in my tank, as it is only a couple months old, will be slowly introducing coral. Since installing my light, my firefish been hanging out in the corner of the tank where it's not so bright, where as before he was in front of his bolthole. Is he just not used to the dramatic brightness of the new light but will get used to it in time or should I acclimate him, do you think it's hanging down too low? Thanks for ya'lls help

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