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Coral Vue Hydros

5 Gallon Rimless of Boredom


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Found this tank for 20 bucks at a discount pet store and decided to start another project along with my JBJ 30RL. I plan on putting my Helfrichi Firefish in here (needs a lid i know) and absolutely load it with softies. But here is a shot of the tank that i took today. Its been running for about a week and already covered in a bloom of diatoms. Havent tested the water, just trying to be patient and let things go its course with daily top offs. Always awesome for other opinions! :D



  • 5 Gallon Rimless Tank
  • JBJ Flipper Led
  • Hydor Theo Heater
  • Aquarium Systems Premium Maxi-Jet 400 Utility Pump
  • JBJ Picotope Stock filter




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Can you give us the name of that tank

I honestly have no idea what the name is. They had a 3 gallon a 5 gallon and a 20 gallon with the same shape that were all rimless. Isnt the best quality but visually pleasing to me!

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JBJ Flipper light? That looks like a black version of a CADlights LED that comes on the AIO tanks.

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