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Kevan's 34g cube (Pic heavy)


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I have had an addiction to this hobby & all marine life for around 5 years now. In that time I have learned a great deal and still feel like I have barely begun to scratch the surface of what there is to know about the hobby. This tank has been running since christmas of 2010, and I am not very happy with the growth I have gotten in that time. In the passed 6 months or so I have been putting a lot of time and money into upgrading equipment in an attempt to get better growth and lower algae problems. You may be able to tell in some of these pics that I am having some real problems with bryopsis lately, and am currently trying to come up with a solution if anyone has any input. Anyways, here is my tank as of tonight (10-16-2012).





34g Solana. 20''x20''x20''

Home made red oak stand with marble top & removeable magnetic doors for easy access when I upgrade to a 24'' cube in the future.




Ice cap 250w pendant & ballast with a 250w pheonix 14k bulb

DIY 3w Cree LED royal blue actinics. Hung from the ceiling with a gieseman hanging kit.



Gfo & carbon run in a phosban reactor with a maxijet400

Bubble Magnus NAC5E HOB skimmer(kind of big for the tank but I like it a lot)


Other Equipment

Digital aquatics Reef Keeper Lite controller

JBJ Auto top off

Milwaukee SMS122 pH monitor

Rf20 Refractometer

150w jager heater

Maxijet 900(Return)

Tunze 4045(Circulation)

Brs 4 stage ro/di plus system http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/brs-4-stage-...stem-75gpd.html

I have always bought water locally but recently purchased this rodi as I just did not trust the water I was using and contributed it partially to my algae problems.


I do 5g water changes every week (sometimes 10g)

Clean the glass every three days or so

Feed every other day on a rotation of Mysis, rodsfood, & IO marine blend. I also fix in some coral frenzy every now and then. I try not to feed very heavy as I have algae problems but I spot feed coral when I can.


I am not as good as I should be with dosing & have struggled getting a dosing schedual down. I do add kalk to my top off water (2tsp per gallon), and dose b-ionic 2 part.


Live Stock


Darwin Clownfish pair





Rose Bubble Tip Anemone(Clowns don't seem to be interested but the nem is still fairly small)


3 Maxi-mini Carpet Anemone variations


Sea cucumber


Yellow sea cucumber

2 maxima clams

Theres also a few emerald crabs, a porcelain crab, and some various snail species.



Gnarf Bonsai (frags available)

Green Digitata

Green Birdsnest

Orange moniticap

Purple rim green monti cap

Superman monti


Unknown deepwater sps



Neon Green Candycane

Blue Candycane

Pot of Gold Favia

Prism Favia (frags available)

A few unknown favias



Purple death palys

Captain Amrica palys

Pink palys (frags available)

Green palys

Blue Hornet Zoas

Rasta Zoas

Whammin Watermelon Zoas

Nuclear dragon eye Zoas (frags available)

Yellow button polyps (frags available)

Abunch of bright pink Yumas

Random coral pics



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Super sweet, the magnetic doors are freaking genius!

Thanks! I used neodymium rare earth magnets counter sunk into the wood, and then epoxy over top. Even without a sump right now it makes it much easier for me to do maintenance.

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I love the Yumas. Some of the ones I have bud off a new clone probably once a week or two. I never have that kind of luck with Florida rics splitting thats for sure

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added an mp10 to replace my tunze 6025 today. Come on polyp extension and coral growth!

Good choice. You will love it! It is like night and day.


I really like your stand BTW.

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Good choice. You will love it! It is like night and day.


I really like your stand BTW.

Thanks! It seems very nice, but I'm going to have to get used to the noise for sure

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Impressions of the mp10 so far


1. Its awesome to have multiple settings to play with. I played with making waves on short pulse mode before finally settling on lagoon mode at about 100%. What settings does everyone like to use?

2. It has much more sex appeal than my tunze pumps haha.

3. It is much less noticeable in the aquarium than other pumps and takes up a lot less room.


1. It is way louder than any pump I have ever used when set anywhere near full power. I would rather g with an mp20 or 40 and set the power real low to minimize sound.

2. The dry side gets very hot and I am constantly messing with it afraid that the two sides are not perfectly aligned and the pump will overheat or break.

3. You have no choice but to have an ugly cord going across your tank as it is impossible to hide if you have the pump on the side of the tank.



Overall I like it a lot so far. I got a very good deal on the mp10, trading a tunze 6025 and a little cash for it, so I am not out too much if it does break on me. Plus I always have a tunze 6045 sitting around if I change my mind.

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Time for an update!

Since my last post I have installed brs dosing pumps for my 2 part which has been great. I am

still fighting hair algae problems, still barely feeding and using ridiculous amounts of GFO. I think I may finally be getting a handle on it and am planning on running bio pellets starting this week. I just replaced my bulb to make sure that wasn't the issue so bio pellets are my last resort. Other than that the Darwin clowns continue to grow and are getting along great, and I have added some new livestock.

New Livestock:

Tuxedo Urchin-This guy is the only invert I have ever owned that has actually destroyed algae. I am very happy with his performance and he looks awesome.

Lettuce Nudibranch- Enjoyed him for a few days before he disappeared into the rock, haven't spotted him in a few weeks.

New corals:

These guys are waiting to find a spot in my tank, The rasta frag went from a single polyp to 7 polyps in 2 weeks so I am extremely happy with it.


I've never seen a mushroom quite like this one I picked up from a local who was taking down his tank, it's extremely bright and pretty large.




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Here's some other products I got in this week.

The Lifeguard thermometer is actually waterproof and suctions from the inside of the tank instead of having some kind of probe, Its real bright and easy to read. I'm a big fan except for the short power chord it has.

I am really enjoying the Hikari marine S pellet food so far. It is a really nice balanced food to supplement between frozen feedings and I feel like less food ends up going to waste like when I feed flakes.

The Dr. F&S cleaner spray claims that it is completely safe if it accidentally gets it the tank, which is reassuring, although it seems like it is a lot harder to buff out then the household window cleaners I have used in the past.


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Hooked up my biopellet reactor and the maxijet 1200 was super underpowered. It was making a lot of noise and the impeller seemed loose so I contacted Dr. F&S and they are shipping me a new one so hopfully it works out.

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I purchased this green milli the other day from a lfs after noticing that an acro crab was calling it home. I wish I had a macro lense so I could snap a good pic' date=' but he's pretty amazing to watch. I rescaped a little to fit this guy in, creating an island on the right side of the tank, and a few pillers going upward on the left to hold sps.
I also started my biopellets, as well as dosing mb7 this week and am waiting for them to start kicking in.
[b']New product[/b]
I purchased a nice Hanna phosphate colorimeter this week off of craigslist (model HI 93713). I got a great deal and it came with 85 reagents, although expired haha. The first reading I got was .04 mq/l which was much lower then I had expected due to my hair algae problems I've been having.

So I've never mentioned before that I work and am a member of the dive team at the Fort Wayne Children's zoo. Our zoo is rated in the top 10 in the country and were pretty proud of it. Here's a few crappy pictures of the 20,000g reef tank and 50,000g shark tank where I dive, clean, and do underwater question answer sessions.
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Some pretty nice toys ya got there! I want to dive in a 20,000 gallon fish tank!!! Pretty sure you have most reefers dream job! Pics of the clams?



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Nice tank.


Seems like you would be able to blast out the sps with that light.


Do you have any complaints regarding the JBJ auto top off?

It works, except both float switches quit working on me and they have a wierd connector on them that plugs into the unit. So I had to buy a new float on ebay and wire it into their connector which was kind of a pain. Other than that I like it but would have gone with the tunze or elos if I could have forced myself to spend a rediculous amount of money on an ato lol.

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Looking good in there!


Is that a Sulcatta in your sig?

Yes it is, I have had Leonidas for about 5 years now, he's getting huge, around 30lb's now. In that pic he was about 3 pounds haha

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I have one as well and he's about 40 - 50 lbs. We also got him as a hatchling.


Nice! Does it stay warm enough there to keep him out year round? I hate keeping my big guy indoors through the winter. I have been thinking about re-homing him somewhere warm, but I would hate to lose him.

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