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algae and clownfish


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:lol: Alright, 2 questions in one.


First! I upgraded my 37-ish gallon tank to a 75, and went bare bottom. From day 1 I have had algae issues in the tank. Everything is exactly the same, same rock, same fish, same feeding and cleaning schedule-but the hair algae is out of control. Its INSANE. I bought a snail pack from blue zoo to help contain it, my skimmer is pumping out nicely, the filter sock needs replacing every third day..


So, any suggestions on that? (Assuming that I don't have test results handy-as I don't. Just someone give me another rundown of what can be done to get rid of the algae) Amazingly enough, its ONLY on the glass of the tank, and any rocks that were below the sand line or in the sump. Its not on the rock that I had 'out and about' in the previous tank


And I have a pair of clowns (Barberi) The female will NOT stop beating up the smaller fish. There is a huge difference in size, and its (The aggression)is more pronounced now that they are in a bigger tank. They've been together alone since February? (I'd looked) Any general suggestions to get them to cohabitat together without her eventually killing 'him'? She has always been a little bigger than him, and he hasn't grown since I got the two of them.

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