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led from aquastyle


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hey, i was wondering, if i got the 36 led dimmable kit from aquastyle, will i have to buyy a power supply? and is 36 leds, overkill on a 20 gallon long? and if i do get it, can somone put a link on my post, for the most detailed setup, including pentiometers, and best led array lines


heres a link to the kit


i would do the half blue and half 6500 k

and then

which driver, and i am using the 18 by 40 cm

or should i get the 24 led kit?

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I looked at the kit, you do not need a power supply. There are power cords included in the kit and the input voltages on the drivers are 110-240 VAC which is house current. The LEDs would be wired in series, like old Christmas lights. How you lay out the LED's would depend on what heatsink you use, how you want to light the tank and which optics you choose. I'd want the white's on one driver and the blues on the other, I'd go with the Meanwell ELN-60-48D Driver. I'd go with the 36 over the 24, it's easier to turn down the dimmer than to add more light.


There is a lighting forum that might give you ideas on LED layout and specific wiring diagrams. You won't be the first to DIY an LED light for a 20L. I'm sure there are plenty of detailed build threads that you can get ideas from.

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Go with the 36 LED kit. I have the 24 LED kit over my 20L AIO and it is perfect but take into account 5" off the end of the tank for the AIO unit. If the 36 is to much...well dimm it down.


20L AIO Build

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