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adding new fish


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Hello all-


I upgraded my tank from a bc14 to a bc29 and will be transferring a cleaner shrimp and clown fish that i have had for about 2 1/2 years. I wanted to add two more fish to the new tank, a 6 line and a banggi cardinal fish....what im worried about is my clownfish bc he has become fairly aggressive. How should i go about adding the fish in, do i add the new fish together, seperately or at the same time with the clown and shrimp since there has been no establish territory for the clown to be aggressive towards? I know slow is better with a new tank but have never transferred all my existing contents from an establish tank to a larger one before. i have upgraded the pump to a mj1200, done the usual mods in back, running purigen and chemipure elite as my media and have a korlia nano also...


thank you

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Keep both tanks running for a bit. Add the fish to the new tank in the order of least aggressive to most. Move the clown in her turn. You can move the shrimp when the new tank is stable. The new environment should confuse the clown enough that she won't be territorial yet. When everything is out of the old tank that you want to move, then break it down.

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