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leng sy monti


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Hello all, back again with another noob question. I have a leng sy monti in my tank, since i've had it it hasnt been showing the best colors and i'd really like to know why. Heres a little info


Tank is 15 gallon

Lighting is 4x24 watt t 5

Salt is tropic marin bioactif

Lights run 8 hour day cycle


Leng sy looks otherwise healthy, just not coloring up to full potential. I have 5 other types of montis that all look GREAT. On the leng sy, i haven't noticed any die off, i see full polyp extension on a daily basis. I am at a loss for why it is my only monti that wont color up. Its a beautiful coral, i'd just like to know why it isnt coloring up like it should.


Any help greatly appreciated!

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Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 5ppm (mixing sw to do waterchange now)

Dont have a test kit for calcium or magnesium, ill try to get that tested tomorrow.


Bulbs are about 2-3 months old

Giesemann aquablue +

Giesemann pure actinic

2x Giesemann actinic+


I'll try to get a pic of it later when the lights come on (i have them come on later so i can enjoy my tanks in the evening when i get home from work). I just have my camera on my phone, so I'll try my best to get a good pic.


The coral isn't brown, it has color it just isnt as vibrant as it should be. Its green with the purple rim, both colors are just very faint.

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MG: ?

KH: ?

CA: ?

SG: ?

Temp: ?

PHo4: ?


I know you dont have a test kit but you need to get a good reliable one to test all water parameters. Trust me, I know.

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Sorry for the super late response.. I had to find someone who had a kh, magnesium, and calcium test i could use. I finally did, and without further delay i present my readings:


(tested with API master kit)

Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 0

pH: 7.8

Phosphate: 0

(tested with tropic marin)

Calcium: 424

Magnesium: 1300

Kh: 4

(tested with jbj refractometer)

SG: 1.026


I am a little overdue for a waterchange. Im going to mix some water tomorrow. I know its no excuse, but ive been busy at work. Not sure if the lack of waterchange would cause the kh and pH to test low?


All coral looks great including all my sps. It actually looks like it might finally be coloring up. I'm starting to see the green in the cap and the purple in the rim. So hopefully it'll keep coloring up.

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in my experience they are REALLY slow growers and like to be lower in the tank. i would recommend using a magnetic frag plug so you can move it around for best lighting and flow.

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Mr. Microscope

Just give it time and stable water conditions. Keep up with your water changes and don't nuke your tank. Some SPS take months to get good colors. I've had several SPS in my tank pretty much since its beginning. Many started out brown and eventually colored up. My tank is about eight months old and I just started seeing appropriate pink in my Red Planet acro about a month ago. My Vivid Rainbow Delight is the same way. I had it in from the beginning and started seeing blue in it about three months ago; now I'm starting to see purple after the blue.

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