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A skilter?


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I tried one a few years back and was not impressed. But I have seen a couple different nano reefs on this site that use them so maybe I had a lemon.


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20+ years agow hen they first came out there were not many choices and they worked better than nothing. Today I would not even think about one, there are too many things tha treally do work.


I did many modifications to the Skilters I had to make them work better and improved them a bunch. I'll bet you can still find some of my 10 year old threads if you did a search.

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I got one on clearance when I worked at a pet store many years back, paid maybe five bucks for it. When I got it home and connected it, water started to pour out of the area the pump attaches to the filter body. In the skilters defense it was sitting on the pet store shelf for ages so the o ring was probably useless.

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P.S. Also bought the seaclone skimmer from the same place on clearance too lol. I just unopened the package after having it for years. Its running on a 46g bow front I just set up. The skimmers I have owned so far include the skilter 250, Lee's counter current, and now the sea clone. Good news is even a prism skimmer will be a step up for me...

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