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My 20 Gallon zoos


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Hi guys,

Just wanted to say 'Howdy' for my first post and introduce my tanks (and the rest of my crew). I currently have 2 tanks set up in my house....my 20 gallon zoa tank and I also have a 150 gallon that is mainly SPS. The big tank is a combo of my old 75 and my boyfriend's old 65 tank. He is a hard core sps guy and even though we just upgraded this tank in March, we are both ready to get something a little bigger (a 215 brick would be nice). We don't currently live together since we are both in school (and I have roommates) so was sort of the step before the engagement (lol). We are both part of our local salt water forum, but I wanted to get more active with something that was more specific to my 20 gallon.

My 20 gal was a spur of the moment set up with some stuff laying around. It's a 20 long that I had set up as a planted tank a few years back. I have a modified aquaclear fuge hanging on the back to keep some of the nutrients down a bit. I recently changed light fixtures from my 4 bulb T5 (running ATI bulbs) to a Spec LED light fixture I picked up at MACNA in Dallas this past year. I have about 25 frags of zoas and a few other pieces of coral along with a small green bubble tip nem. For my livestock I have a harlequin shrimp, 2 sexy shrimp, a dragon face pipefish, Hectors Goby, scooter blenny and a small flasher wrasse. All my fish are happy and healthy and thrive well. I only feed the tank 3 times a week with Ova and change up between bloodworms, mysis, or whatever else I feed the big tank that day. I have a big pod population and keep my crew happy between the feedings. I recently started feeding my coral a couple times a week with either Coral Frenzy or Reef Roids. I don't do too much and usually just do a little squirt from the mix I make for the big tank. I do two part dosing daily with B-ionic alk/calc and do Aquavit Fuel twice a week.

I will say that when I started this tank, everything was doing fine. I have noticed recently that some of my zoas are shrinking a tad and upon some good 'ol reading, I am probably running my lighting too long....even when I had my T5's. I went ahead and changed some of the settings (and time) on my LED light a few moments ago to see if this will help. I also decreased some of the intensity on some of the settings to help with the transition from T5's to LED.

I am definitely open to hearing what you guys think. I've changed up some of the things I do to this tank recently to hopefully getting things moving in a forward direction. I did neglect the tank for a good month or so when school started, so I'm really trying to get it back to looking amazing. I've got some nice frags of zoos and want to get ahead of the game.


I have a few pictures, but they are a few months old:

Here is the 150 the first week we set it up:



Here is my Harlequin Shrimp with a nice new choc. chip


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