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Stringy thing ID


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Hi all,


I purchased a blastomussa about a week ago and it has this stalk thing growing out of it. From the stalk is this silky string thing coming out. You can see it in the picture below. This is just after a water change which is why the blasto is closed and there is some sediment in the stringy thing so it is easier to see. If i cut of the string, it comes back in minutes. Anyone know what that is and if I should remove it?








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Vermetid snail? I could be wrong but that's kinda what it looks like. If it is, they aren't harmful but the population can grow quickly

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Yep it's a vermetid. It's a worm that catches food and stuff with the web. It's not harmful but can get out of control and the web can irritate coral sometimes. If u want to get rid of it just super glue gel the hole.

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